** We will be starting tours in September for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please call or email us regarding availability for the Redwood and 39th Campuses. **
Our goal at Chatham Schools is to support the natural process for each child to realize his/her full potential.  Our nature infused environment provides the early building blocks for life long skills that help the whole child develop naturally.

The first 5 years are all about movement, NOT sitting.  Our outdoor classroom allows children the time and space to unlock the mysteries of the world around them.  Rain or shine our outdoor activities offer endless opportunity for natural learning.

Our indoor curriculum is planned around a weekly theme and includes, art, drama, circle time and manipulatives.  Outdoors, our school offers even more opportunity in areas for music, messy play, loose parts, play structures, gardening, wildlife appreciation, bikes and a flowing river (39th Campus) for water play and natural creativity.

Our modern society is silently killing the true joys of childhood.  Electronics and over planning their days creates "bubble wrapped" kids with poor motor skills, poor social skills and poor attention spans.  At Chatham Schools we provide a beautiful, soothing environment to explore nature and support visual/spacial development. Our "play station" is nature.  Our carefully designed space allows students to create tasks that help them:
- Extend attention span
- Learn through trial and error
- Support appropriate risk taking
- Encourage group participation
- Connect with nature

These life skills form the foundation for a competent, confident future where children can communicate needs and solve problems.

Our school is dedicated to educating children to eliminate:
- Bullying
- Obesity
   - Boredom

See what a difference a natural learning environment can make for your child.  Schedule a tour at one or both of our campuses today.  Click on "Contact Us" for options.