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Chatham Teachers, Ms Maureen and Michael:


Here we are, two days away from leaving our life in the Bay Area to explore new adventures in the Pacific NorthWest. 


Before we head out, we wanted to take a moment and express how deeply grateful we are to each one of you for your time, effort, care, and love over the last six and a half years caring for Avila and Eloise. You all lead every single day with your heart and the foundation you build for our children and all those that step through your doors forever shapes them into the best humans. 


We so vividly remember dropping Avi off for the first time in Ms Lynn's class 18 months old and our very first daycare experience. As a queer family, we were a little extra nervous about how inclusive and supportive this experience would be for her and for us. For me personally, as a Baba, I can’t express how much I felt seen and please note that every detail of making my Babas Day special was noted year after year. Thank you to each teacher who made the gifts and the songs happen — it was amazing. 


We will miss you all and are so sad that Eloise will not get to continue her pre K learning with you all. You all are irreplaceable. We promise to send updates and come to visit when we’re back. 


From our family to yours - deep gratitude and thanks. 


All our love and appreciation,

Michelle + Rebekah (




We currently have three children at Chatham, 4 years old, 2 years old and 3 months old. We chose Chatham 4 years ago for a few reasons: the outdoor space, the meals and the emergency plan. We have not regretted our choice once since. The teachers in the infant room are loving and so attentive to the babies. They are also great with the parents and always available to discuss the progress and changes and make sure parents are comfortable. The infant room is a clean, nice space full of great toys and I like that there is a separate room for nap time. When our 2 years old was in the infant room, once in a while, our daughter would ask the teachers to see him and they would let her which I believe was very important for both of them. We have enjoyed every class at Chatham. The most important thing to me is that our kids are so happy and healthy. Every challenge we had (biting, tantrums, etc.), we have worked with Maureen and the teachers to overcome.

Both of our daughters (aged 4 and 20 months) have been at Chatham since they were babies and they've thrived here! We are so incredibly grateful to the Chatham community for all that they've done for our family.

Every morning when we drop off the kids and go off to work, we trust and know that our kids are loved, nurtured, fed and well-taught throughout the day. That peace of mind allows us to be able to concentrate on our jobs without guilt or worry. When we drop them off, Miss Judy and Miss Lynn are the first to greet our girls with huge warm hugs and encourage them to join the group activities. All of the teachers take strong personal interest in each child. When we pick up our kids at the end of the day, they share stories about fun projects about the solar system, books about community helpers, the yummy quinoa they had for lunch, and playtime with friends.

There was one period of time that we were curious and wanted to see what another more expensive and "prestigious" pre-school was like. It was indeed more formal and highly-structured, but we couldn't help but realize that the work that was coming home every day seemed a bit "workbook-like" and even somewhat boring. Every day the kids kept talking about how much they missed Chatham and wanted to go back. As parents, we also missed the warmth and creativity of Chatham and the whole community, so we realized we made a big mistake and happily came back.

Here's why we think Chatham has been a good fit for us:

At every level - from the infant room (with Miss Lucy), the little toddlers (with Miss Lynn and Laura) to Miss Amy's room at age 2 (when the kids really hit a growth spurt and develop close friendships), and all the way up to the Senior Monarchs (with Miss Judy, Angie, Goya & Olivia) - all of the teachers are authentic, warm and loving and take personal interest in the children.

One of the strengths of such a strong emphasis on play here is that our children have grown strong social bonds. The children are encouraged to share and play well together with everyone in the class. We've watched as our children grow not just academically, but emotionally ... something that is way more important to adult life than just check-the-box workbooks.

The teachers and director (Maureen) have built a curriculum of creative projects and themes that keep our children engaged. They have fun and come home with cool projects like houses they've built or collages about whatever topic they're discussing.

I'm always amazed with what new knowledge my older one comes home with ... from proper classification of reptiles, to anatomy, to the names of the planets, to a story about the lawyer/teacher/doctor/firefighter parents who came to talk with them that day about how they help the community.

With plenty of outdoor play and even an indoor climbing wall, our kids get plenty of exercise. They sleep well at night.

They are well-fed (i.e., we DON'T have to pack lunches, saving us time every day ... this itself is priceless!!!). In the beginning we had a tough time getting our daughters to eat fruits and vegetables, but at Chatham they've picked up good habits. They love quinoa and broccoli ... they eat kiwi and apples and their cheese snacks. The kids all eat together (it's adorable to see) and it's a very nice social time where they all sit down and enjoy the same food together.

Overall communication has been good. We check in with the teachers to see how the kids are doing each day. We also have parent-teacher conferences and it's clear that the teachers know our kids as individuals. They're also making sure that the kids are developmentally and academically prepared and where they need to be at their age.

Director Maureen and her assistant, Dawn, also make sure to provide strong school- wide communication to parents via email. There are also fun school-wide gatherings at the park and during the holiday program.

Maureen and the teachers have been nothing but incredibly flexible with scheduling, especially during summer months and have always gone out of their way to accommodate our family's needs. The Chatham hours of 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 pm. have also been so important to us as we both have busy jobs and stressful commutes.

Another huge plus.

The parent community just seems to fit us more .. they are real and un-pretentious, busy professionals with interesting backgrounds

diverse and fun to be around. Our girls have developed close friendships with classmates and through playdates over the years, our parent group has become tight ... we see each other every weekend over soccer practice, ballet, days at the park or the farmer's market, birthday parties and dinner parties, we love each others' kids like an extension of our family, we've become close and our lives have become somewhat centralized around this community. It's really nice ... and something that just organically grew over time.

Our oldest is about to go to Kindergarten. We are applying to Head-Royce and Corpus Christi and know that our daughter's time at Chatham has prepared her well for the next phase. At the end of the day, we've had nothing but positive experiences at Chatham and really love this community.

Maureen and Chatham Staff,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is impossible to put into words how deeply all of us feel about Chatham Preschool. Please know that every little thing you are doing is not little at all and greatly appreciated. Where can I even start?
Our daughter joined Chatham at age 3, coming from a very small and very protected all German speaking daycare before and having spoken nothing but German at home. The transition into a larger setting and the sudden English immersion was quite rough for her. The staff at Chatham has been amazingly supportive of our daughter but also towards ourselves, the anxious parents. And after an amazingly short period of time, our daughter already felt at home at Chatham. She loved all her teachers and still talks about inviting all of them to her next birthday party. Her English improved dramatically as well and she even picked up some Spanish.
But it's not only the teachers, our daughter grew attached to. I have been impressed what a nice and friendly and socially closely knit group the Chatham children are. Other children would recognize me after just a few days and call out our daughter by name to alert her that I had come to pick her up. Our daughter has attended plenty of birthday parties and invited oh so many friends herself that I felt nearly overwhelmed handling the crowd, and she has been on so many playdates that I had trouble finding a free day for any of them. But who do we owe it to, having a good group of children - to your wonderful teachers of course!
We intentionally picked a play-based preschool. But how amazed have I been when I found a real curriculum and realizing that our daughter learned the days of the week, months of the year, letters and numbers, the solar system and much more! Yet nothing ever felt like it was imposed on her but offered naturally within playtime.
Did I mention the best thing? Chatham provides food! How I dreaded the thought of preparing a lunch box every single day. How could I come up with something healthy that tastes good and will not be the very same food every single day; and how would I find the time to do this with a very busy work schedule myself? A preschool providing food is a godsend! But even more, opening hours at Chatham are quite long if this was necessary. And whenever we needed a schedule change, different days or anything alike we were accommodated. And I remember those days with the scheduled power outage or the fires with terrible air quality. All my friends with children at another preschool suddenly had to make childcare arrangements because their preschool was closed - not so at Chatham. Chatham stayed open whenever possible and also has one of the least amount of off-days of any or most preschools in the area (I had researched that already before enrolling). Thank you Maureen and staff for being so understanding and helpful to working parents!
We highly regret leaving Chatham behind now that we are moving out of California. But we are already talking about coming again to visit and will certainly do so soon.
Thank you for everything!!!